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Neighborhood & Community Engagement Initiatives 

Temple University is at the center of an ever-growing surrounding community, one filled with several small businesses and opportunities that do not receive the recognition that they deserve. ReimagineTU aims to propose a collaborative experience with the many small businesses and students on campus by potentially hosting podcasts at these different locations where students are able to converse with the small businesses of Philadelphia about certain topics, some of which are taken from an active/open chat box where both students and organizations can leave comments, questions, and concerns to be answered—morphing the once destructive image of Temple students into a constructive bond between the students of Temple University and the surrounding community. Alongside this initiative, ReimagineTU plans to host open town halls for students and community residents and provide service/volunteer resources for students to become more involved within the community (including the Temple University Police Department’s “Toys for Tots” event); it is crucial for both the community and the students of this University to collaborate.



ReimagineTU is committed to facilitating meaningful opportunities for students to connect with and contribute to the Philadelphia community. We propose the implementation of an Accessible Community Engagement Initiative that aims to make service opportunities more accessible and inclusive for all students. Click to learn more about ReimagineTU's plan.


ReimagineTU proporses addressing the issue of frequently uncleaned pet waste by working to install pet waste stations in the areas most highly trafficked by our furry friends. Click to learn more about ReimagineTU's plan.



In order to take a meaningful step in bridging the gap between Temple University and the surrounding North Philadelphia community we can start by hearing from each other. ReImagineTU envisions hosting a Community and Student Leaders Forum. Click to learn more about ReimagineTU's plan.


ReimagineTU is dedicated to uniting Temple with the greater Philadelphia community. One of the ways we plan to do this is by hosting a Back to School Night school supply drive. Click to learn more about ReimagineTU's plan.

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