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Public Safety Initiatives 

ReimagineTU understands the need to ensure student safety on campus and help build a safer community within North Philadelphia for both students and community residents alike. We plan to work hard to develop and implement effective policies to better inform the student body about crime occurrences and address their safety concerns, as well as providing forums for members of the community to voice their concerns.

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In the fall semester, Presidential Candidate Ray Epstein secured $350,000 in free Uber rides for students who found themselves in vulnerable situations. This is a campaign that ReimagineTU would like to recreate during their administration. Click to learn more about ReimagineTU's plan.


Currently, Temple has struggled to adequately inform the student body regarding campus safety on many fronts. To address these concerns, we plan to implement a monthly newsletter released by the Department of Public Safety highlighting this critical information.  We are sure that this campaign would be a success, and that sureness is rooted with our campaign teams' current involvement in the TUPD Student Advisory Board. Click to learn more about ReimagineTU's plan.

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Too often after a night out students find themselves having to walk home in the late night hours. ReimagineTU plans to maintain a map of fraternity houses and their proximity to the nearest flight stop to ensure that students have a safe ride home. We also plan to encourage fraternity houses to post this map in a visible location, for example by the door. Click to learn more about ReimagineTU's plan.


It's not uncommon to hear from students that they've had a poor experience with the Flight Shuttle system, especially regarding late shuttles. ReimagineTU proposes a tracking aspect of the app, allowing students to see in real-time how fair their shuttle is, which will reduce wait times and increase student safety. Click to learn more about ReimagineTU's plan.

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