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Public Safety Initiatives

ReimagineTU understands the need to ensure student safety on campus and help build a safer community within North Philadelphia for both students and community residents alike. We plan to work hard to develop and implement effective policies to better inform the student body about crime occurrences and address their safety concerns, as well as providing forums for members of the community to voice their concerns.

Flight Service Refresh

It's not uncommon to hear from students that they've had a poor experience with the Flight Shuttle system, especially regarding late shuttles. ReimagineTU proposes a tracking aspect of the app, allowing students to see in real-time how fair their shuttle is, which will reduce wait times and increase student safety. 

Breaking it down...

(Written by Kiyah Hamilton, VP Candidate)

The “Flight Shuttle” service is an amazing resource for those who feel unsafe walking around campus between the hours of 6 PM and 2 AM, with over 40 stops around Temple’s main campus. Flight breaks into three separate loops (The north, south, and east) and is a constantly moving service in Temple’s patrol zone. While there is a way to see the routes and times at which a Flight shuttle will be arriving, an updated real time tracker of where the shuttle is on its route would ensure more accurate times for when the shuttle will arrive to each stop, and provide an easier understanding for those wanting to utilize the “Flight” service.

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