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Public Safety Initiatives

ReimagineTU understands the need to ensure student safety on campus and help build a safer community within North Philadelphia for both students and community residents alike. We plan to work hard to develop and implement effective policies to better inform the student body about crime occurrences and address their safety concerns, as well as providing forums for members of the community to voice their concerns.

Uber Vouchers

In the fall semester, Presidential Candidate Ray Epstein secured $350,000 in free Uber rides for students who found themselves in vulnerable situations. This is a campaign that ReimagineTU would like to recreate during their administration.

Breaking it down...

(Written by Ray Epstein, Presidential Candidate)

In September of 2023, this past fall, Presidential Candidate Ray Epstein—and Founder/President of Student Activists Against Sexual Assault—secured $200,000 in free Uber rides for students how found themselves in unsafe, vulnerable situations. In October, at a panel event on campus co-hosted by Ray’s organization, Uber, and It’s On Us National, SAASA was awarded $150,000 in more rides to distribute amongst students. This is a campaign that ReimagineTU would like to revisit and recreate, so that students who find themselves in unsafe situations don’t have to worry about the financial vulnerabilities of escaping.

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