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Sexual Assault Prevention Initiatives

 Sexual assault is a pressing issue on Temple's campus and many across the nation. Students often encounter a lack of information and transparency from administrations on the issue and struggle to find supportive resources. ReimagineTU, supported by our Presidential Candidate’s experience as President of Student Activist Against Sexual Assault, is devoted to bringing awareness to on-campus resources and addressing the ongoing epidemic of sexual assault and failures to address it. Ray has been involved in the field sexual violence prevention since her 8th grade year, where she began interning on Capitol Hill for the anti-teen dating violence non-profit organization Break the Cycle. She has dedicated her life to researching and creating nuanced forms of activism and training to combat sexual violence.

Fraternity Workshops

Student Activists Against Sexual Assault (SAASA)–in collaboration with IFC–host a bi-annual a screening of The Hunting Ground for all incoming pledges. After viewing the documentary which highlights the systemic issue of sexual assaults across college campuses, pledges participated in a discussion workshop facilitated by both organization’s leadership. ReimagineTU plans to cement this workshop as a permanent fixture of fraternity recruitment. 

Breaking it down...

(Written by Gray Gill, Policy Writer)

This workshop ensures that all new members are informed and prepared to be active bystanders in addressing the ongoing presence of sexual assault. After leaving the workshop, all new members had to complete a survey reflecting on the film.


Featured below are the questions from the survey and responses from attendees who viewed The Hunting Ground:


1. How did the film make you feel as a future member of a fraternity?


“It surprised me the extent at which sexual harassment occurs and that some of the cases get ignored or don't get reported. Knowing that a lot of the cases occur in fraternities, I want to make sure that if I ever see an instance of it occurring, I will take action.”


                                            -Pi Kappa Phi (New Member)


2. What can we do as fraternity men to ensure safety across our community?


“Continue to support women who are survivors and promote good habits in men. Most importantly, hold people accountable for their actions and thoughts. Believe the victim and listen.”


                                          -Alpha Tau Omega (New Member)


3. What are three key takeaways from the film?


“1) The lack of reporting of incidents like this. It’s more common of an issue than may be realized.

  2) Incidents of this nature can be life ruining and it’s something that victims will have to carry with them their whole lives.

  3) Colleges will sweep matters like this under the rug in the name of upholding the university reputation.”


                                         -Sigma Alpha Mu (New Member)


4. What are three pieces of advice you would give to one of your friends after watching the film?


“1) Ask for consent

  2) Communication is key. If they aren’t interested or say no, it means no!

  3) Be weary of your environment. If you see something suspicious, do not hesitate to get help or take action.“


                                       -Alpha Kappa Lambda (New Member)


ReimagineTU hopes to expand this workshop into a module as a key component of freshmen orientation. Temple University owns the unlimited screening rights to the film The Hunting Ground, breaching the potential financial barrier of obtaining an expensive film license. The module would automatically pause the film at the close of important scenes, and pose a multiple choice question to the viewer in order to maintain focus.

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