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Sexual Assault Prevention Initiatives

 Sexual assault is a pressing issue on Temple's campus and many across the nation. Students often encounter a lack of information and transparency from administrations on the issue and struggle to find supportive resources. ReimagineTU, supported by our Presidential Candidate’s experience as President of Student Activist Against Sexual Assault, is devoted to bringing awareness to on-campus resources and addressing the ongoing epidemic of sexual assault and failures to address it. Ray has been involved in the field sexual violence prevention since her 8th grade year, where she began interning on Capitol Hill for the anti-teen dating violence non-profit organization Break the Cycle. She has dedicated her life to researching and creating nuanced forms of activism and training to combat sexual violence.

SACE Advocates

ReimagineTU plans to train a group of 5-10 students as Sexual Assault Counseling & Education Adovcates to helps students navigating the sexual assault reporting processes.

Breaking it down...

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