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Administrative Initiatives

Temple administration and student government are too often disconnected and unknown by the majority of the student body. ReimagineTU will bring together student organizations to understand their needs better and work to improve outreach to the student body that their government is made to represent. 

TSG Podcast

To provoke more engagement in what TSG is doing, a bi-weekly podcast would be made available to anyone wishing to tune in. 

Breaking it down...

(Written by Kiyah Hamilton, VP Candidate)

TSG holds monthly town halls where they address recent issues and concerns from the student body. To initiate further engagement in TSG operations, we plan to create a TSG podcast for students to tune into on a variety of platforms (TikTok, Instagram, and email). This would promote the community to also leave questions, comments, and concerns in an anonymous forum that TSG can address during said podcast. While also boosting social media presence. TSG representatives would discuss recent events, questions, and upcoming news to create transparency between TSG and the community. The podcast would not replace things such as the newsletter or monthly town hall meetings but rather be an addition to communications. 

TSG Podcast would include:

  • Support for local business 

  • Member of organizations that deserve recognition

  • Announcements about recent and upcoming events 

  • Statements about injustice on campus 

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